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Painting and Gilding Workshops

2014 Schedule of Workshops

Icon-Painting Workshops (Advanced)

Annandale, Virginia: June 23-28

The tuition of $685 includes materials for the icon-painting workshop except brushes and icon board.

Gilding Workshops

Annandale, Virginia: June 30-July 1
Willits, California: July 7-8

The tuition of $325 includes materials for the gilding workshop.

How to Register

To register for one of the Iconofile Workshops complete the form below, and pay a deposit of $100 per person. We cannot confirm your registration until we receive your deposit. Please note that if you register and do not provide a deposit your registration may be canceled. Deposits are non-refundable, unless the workshop is canceled due to lack of participation. The workshop will be limited to about 15 participants. Students will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

When to Pay the Workshop Tuition

Use the form below to register for the workshop. Your registration must be accompanied by a deposit of $100 per student upon registering for the workshop. Tuitions must be paid in full by April 15, 2014 or you may lose your registration and forfeit any deposits that you have made. Deposits are not refundable, except in the case that the workshop is canceled for a lack of participation.

Due Date Payment
Upon reservation $100 per person
60 days before the workshop Balance

Payment Methods

We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. We also accept checks drawn in U.S. funds from U.S. banks and money orders. Checks should be made out to Iconofile with the name of the workshop, such as "Icon-Painting Workshop," in the memo field.

Pay By Phone, Fax or Mail

You can pay for the workshop with a credit card by phone at 707-459-9990 or by sending your credit card information by fax to 408-516-9442. You can also send payment by check to Iconofile, Inc., PO Box 112, Willits, California 95490 USA. Please make checks payable to Iconofile, Inc. in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank account. All workshops must be paid in full at least 60 days before the date of the workshop, or your reservation may be canceled and you may forfeit any deposits paid.

What if the Workshop is Filled?

Our workshops often fill up quickly, so in this event we will accept registrations to be placed on WAITING LIST in the event a registered participant drops out. If the workshop that you want is indicated with WAITING LIST, feel free to register for that workshop, but do not send a deposit until your registration is confirmed.


Workshop tuition rates are based on full classes, so cancellations cause a hardship on arranging the workshops, making it necessary to find additional students at the last moment. If you must cancel your attendance at a workshop we will provide a partial refund of your tuition until 30 days from the beginning date of the workshop, according to the schedule below:

Days before Workshop Refund
More than 60 days 100% (less deposit)
30-60 days 50%
Less than 30 days 0%

For More Information

If you have any questions or would prefer registering by phone, please do not hesitate to call us at 707-459-9990. You can also write to us by sending email to Iconofile.

Register for the Painting Workshop Using the Form Below

Workshop Registration

Please complete one Workshop Registration form for each student and workshop.

Please register me for the following Workshop:

Please provide us with your contact information:

First Name
Last Name
State or
Postal Code

How much experience do you have painting icons (or fresco)?

How much experience do you have in art such as drawing and painting?

Enter any comments you may have in the space provided below:

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