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Help : Support : Multimedia Products

Support for Yaroslavl CNIT Multimedia Products

If you have purchased multimedia products published by Yaroslavl CNIT and are experiencing difficulty installing or using their products, you may find help on this page to troubleshoot and correct such problems.

Uninstalling CD-ROM software

Problems during installation

Problems after installation

Additional help

Uninstalling CD-ROM Software

To uninstall the program you must run install.exe from the CD-ROM root directory and choose the uninstall option in the menu. Additional components, installed during the installation process (Microsoft Windows Media Player v.6.4, Intel Indeo v.5.11 and Microsoft DirectX) will not be uninstalled automatically. You need to uninstall these programs manually if necessary.

To uninstall the software in Windows NT and 2000 administrator rights are required. If any additional files were created in the program subdirectory, the subdirectory will not be removed by the uninstall process. You will need to remove it manually.

Problems During Installation

Program reports that some of the required software components weren't installed (for example Windows Media Player under Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition) after the installation of components were completed.


This error might occur while attempting to install under a Microsoft operating system (OS) which wasn't available at the time of the product release or future versions. These operating systems might have system registry structures for the required software components that are different from earlier versions of operating systems. As a result the installer treats the component as not being properly installed and attempts to install it once again, thus, the software product will not run.

The problem has been detected in the following Microsoft OS:

  • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition Russian

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Russian

  • Microsoft Windows XP English

  • Microsoft Windows XP Russian

  • Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 OEM Release 2 with full installation of Internet Explorer 5.5

Solution 1: Update installation program

Download the updated version of installation program (install.exe) and save it into any folder of your computer's hard drive.

Download install.exe

  • Insert the CD with Yaroslavl CNIT multimedia product into your CD drive.

  • If your system has the Autorun feature enabled, the original installation program will start from CD. In such case, please close this program.

  • Please run the updated version of install.exe that you have just downloaded from this page.

  • The installation program will automatically detect which product is located in the CD drive and will show a menu from where you'll be able to install the required components.

  • After the components are installed, please reboot your computer, then run the updated version of install.exe to launch the product.

Solution 2: Modify System Registry

Make sure that you have installed all the required components before you attempt to change the content of the system registry which are critical to completion of installation. You can find the list of these components in the readme file located on your multimedia CD.

Download the correct version of the fix for your operating system. Download instnt.reg to change the values of the system registry in the NT family of Microsoft operating systems (OS): NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and every future release of Microsoft OS (you must have administrative rights to apply the fix); or, instw9x.reg for Windows 95, Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Windows Millennium Edition.

Download instnt.reg

Download instw9x.reg

To modify the content of system registry, choose the appropriate .reg file in Windows Explorer and run it by double clicking on the .reg file icon. A message that the information has been successfully imported into the registry will appear.

Now you can try to finish the installation of the multimedia CD to run the software product successfully.

Problems After Installation

No video when running Yaroslavl Old Painting

The CD-ROM, Yaroslavl Old Painting, uses Microsoft Windows Media Player version 6.4.x, which is typically installed by Microsoft Windows XP (Corporate, Professional and Home editions) by default. Some computer vendors do not install Windows Media Player version 6.4.x. Instead, they install Windows Media Player version 8.0 and higher, which is incompatible with the wide spread Windows Media Player version 6.4.x. If Windows Media Player version 6.4.x was not installed by your computer's vendor, or was manually removed—install it from the Yaroslavl Old Painting CD-ROM.

1. Problem: Your computer does not have Windows Media Player version 6.4.x. To check if your computer has Windows Media Player version 6.4.x, go to your Start menu, find Run and click on it. Enter "mplayer2.exe" (without the quotation marks) in the dialog box ("mplayer2.exe" is for Windows Media Player version 6.4.x and "wmplayer.exe" is for Windows Media Player  version 8.0) in the Open filed and press OK. If your system does not find this file, please install Windows Media Player version 6.4.x as directed below.

To solve this problem, we recommend to do the following:

Solution: Get Windows Media Player version 6.4.x from the Microsoft web site (mpfull.exe approx. 3.5mb) in their download section, stating that you have Windows 95 and want available downloads for Media Player OR run it from the application CD-ROM (CD:\addons\winmp\mpfull.exe). Install Windows Media Player version 6.4.x.

When installing the mpfull.exe (Windows Media Player version 6.4.x) you may receive an error message that it won't install on Windows XP, stating that it doesn't work in Window 2000... Right click on the .exe and choose Properties. Click on the "Compatibility" tab. Check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows NT 4.0/Service pack 5" from the menu. Apply the changes. Run mpfull.exe ignoring the messages (press cancel/continue/ignore where applicable).

2. Problem: Your computer has a broken Internet Explorer installation. Sometimes third party applications may install older 'dll' files or the ones installed by the latest version of Internet Explorer. Reinstall the latest version of Internet Explorer.

To solve this problem, we recommend to do the following:

Solution: If installation of the Windows Media Player version 6.4.x does not help, try to reinstall Internet Explorer. Run the "regedit" program from the Open box. Caution: Running "regedit" and making changes in this utility application can make your system unstable. Use it with extreme caution.

  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Active Setup \ Installed Components \ {89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4383}
    right-click the Installed value, and then click Modify
  • Change the value data, from 1 to 0
  • Close the registry editor
  • Download and install Internet Explorer 6 from Microsoft (Internet Explorer v.6.0 is not on the CD-ROM) at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.asp.

3. Problem: Your computer may have bad blocks on its hard disk.

To solve this problem, we recommend to do the following:

Solution: To be sure  that your computer does not have any bad blocks on its hard disk, you should run SFC (System File Check) :

In the Open or Run dialog box, type sfc /scannow, and then click OK. Note that you may be prompted to insert the Windows XP installation CD-ROM.

No audio output under Windows 95

To solve this problem install Microsoft DirectX.

Audio output is 2 times slower

This happens if your sound card does not have a DirectX certificate. To solve this problem, run dxdiag.exe, choose the Sound tab and set the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level to "No acceleration". Or, in the Control Panel choose Multimedia - Playback - Advanced Properties - Performance - Hardware Acceleration and set "None" mode.

Another solution is to use the latest version of your sound card driver. For example, sound card ES1869 by ESS Technology will not function correctly because of incompatibility with DirectX. Changing the driver to ver. solves the problem.

No sound while Microsoft Windows Media Player plays a video clip.

At the same time, while the video clip is playing, the error "No codec" occurs, while the right codec exists.

Causes and Solutions:

Errors in the Windows registry. Microsoft Windows Media Player cannot choose the codec correctly. To solve this problem you must completely remove Microsoft Windows Media Player and ALL codecs from your computer. Click Start button and choose Settings - Control Panel - Install and Remove programs - Install Windows - Multimedia - Properties - Audio codecs and remove tag. Reboot and install all codecs again. Install Microsoft Windows Media Player, reboot and run the program.

Errors in sound card driver. In many cases bad driver is a WDM driver from Windows 98 distribution. To solve this problem, please install the latest version of sound card driver produced by card manufacturer. For example, this problem was marked with ES1869 and Yamaha OPL3-SAx sound cards.

"Not enough memory" message while program runs

Possible cause is not enough memory for virtual memory swap file. To solve this problem, close all running applications and run program again.

After program starting, the message "Exception EOleSysError in module Painting.exe..." occurs.

The possible cause is that one of the essential additional component(s) was removed after software installation. To solve this problem, install Microsoft Windows Media Player v.6.4, Intel Indeo v.5.11, or Microsoft DirectX manually.

Additional Help

If this did not help you with your Yaroslavl product, please send your questions to Customer Service.