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Iconofile News

2014 Painting and Gilding Workshops

The icon of the Theotokos is the prototype for the beginning and
intermediate icon painting workshop.

Icon Painting Workshops

Beginning and Intermediate Icon Painting Workshop
Santa Rosa, California: July 7-12

This six-day intensive course in traditional icon painting focuses on the art of icon painting; not the mere copying of ancient examples, but practicing the living art of the Church where there is always a place for creativity. All work is done without tracing, but much attention is given to the artistic principles of creating an image and such important concepts as composition, layout, color, tone, contrast, scale, etc.

The icon of the Theotokos will be used as model for the course. The work will be divided into small steps; the instructor will explain and demonstrate each phase in detail, answering all questions. From the very beginning to the completion of the course, every student will work on his or her icon with assistance by the instructor. The course is of interest to adults of any level of artistic education. Through practical and theoretical instruction of icon painting tradition, you can develop a deeper meaning of the icon for yourself.

Advanced Icon Painting Workshops
Annandale, Virginia: June 23-28
Willits, California: July 14-19

This six-day intensive course in traditional painting techniques focuses on the art of tempera painting. The goal of this workshop is for students to understand the artistic philosophy of Byzantine iconography and to learn and practice new and advanced techniques.

The workshop will concentrate on exercises in the painting of the garments and faces. Through this process students will obtain a much deeper understanding of Byzantine iconography. You will study through practice the various stages of painting garments, beginning from the first layer to the final highlights. This process will be demonstrated and explained to ensure each student's understanding of this technique. This knowledge will then be put into practice, always with guidance and appropriate help. Students will be taught all the steps of painting the icon face with guidance and assistance in every step of the procedure to ensure that they are easily put into practice.

Gilding Workshops

Annandale, Virginia: June 30-July 1
Willits, California: July 21-22

This two-day intensive course in gilding techniques especially as they apply to Byzantine Iconography, but anyone interested in gilding will benefit from the techniques learned and can be applied in conjunction with any art technique.

This workshop covers all aspects of gilding: preparing a substrate for gilding, making and applying bole, working with gold leaf and applying it to the gilded surface.

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About the Instructor

Theodoros Papadopoulos

Theodoros Papadopoulos was born, raised and presently lives in Larissa, Greece. His artistic studies began when he studied drawing at the municipal workshop in 1987. His fascination with iconography began with a visit to the Holy Mountain Athos. Learning that iconography as an art form differs from all other art forms, he was drawn to iconography and its related philosophy. His studies necessitated return visits to Mount Athos in order to refine his technique and understanding of Byzantine icons and murals, specifically the Protatos murals. He also studied in Athens to facilitate his artistic skills in this field. Theodoros is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and the Greek Iconographers Association. His commissions are from individuals for personal icons and the painting of religious murals in churches in Greece and abroad. Some examples of his work can be seen in the Transfiguration of Christ Church (Taxiarhes-Trikala), Saint Kosmas Aitolos Church (Eleytheres-Larissa), Saint Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church (Dentra-Larissa), Saint Demetrius Church (Marmarini-Larissa), and the Church of the Assumption (Farsala). For over 20 years of professional work in iconography, his nonnegotiable principle is to present work of the highest quality.

Note: Although the instructor's first language is Greek, he speaks English well and conducts the workshops in English.