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New in the Iconofile Store

New for the Artist

Kolinsky Sable Rounds for Tempera

Tempera Brushes

Siberian Kolinsky Sable Round brushes -- Individually hand crafted in Russia, these brushes are especially designed for tempera painting with longer handles than watercolor yet shorter than oil brushes. Available in European sizes 0-6.

See Brushes

Oil of Cloves

Oil of Cloves

Clove oil from the leaf of the plant, not the stem. A sweet aroma -- this oil is made by pressing and not by extraction with solvents. Add a drop to oil paint to slow down drying. Add to egg tempera, emulsions and glues to prevent mold and bacteria.

See Clove Oil


Pigment Grinding Kit

Pigment Grinding Kit for Making Your Own Paint

Tool kit for grinding and dispersing pigments. Here are all the tools you need and a sample set of 6 natural mineral pigments to begin grinding and dispersing your own pigments in your favorite paint medium. With this kit you'll have all you need to make paint (except the binding medium).

See Pigment Grinding Kit

Natural Mineral Pigments

Natural Mineral Pigments for Painters

Iconofile has a large selection of natural mineral pigments from Russia, Europe and Asia. Many were used in Russian icon and wall painting for the past thousand years.

See Iconofile Pigments

New Books for Icon Painters and Artists

Russian Icon Design Vol I

2 Volume Russian Icon Pattern Book

Edited by a Russian scholar, these two volumes contain 500 drawings collected from archives in Russia to comprise one of the largest collections of icon prorisi and perevody -- imprints and transfers. These high-quality drawings meticulously reproduce the outlines of canonical icon compositions.

See Russian Icon Designs

Artists' Pigments

Progeny of the Icon

Kotkavaara addresses the problem of whether or not Russian expatriate icon painting should be regarded as an offspring of medieval tradition. It presents virtually unknown documents and icons made by, for example, Julija Rejtlinger, Kiril Katkov, Grigorij Krug and Leonid Uspenskij -- and argues that these practitioners were revivalists.

See Progeny of the Icon


 Practical Gilding

Practical Gilding

Comprehensive guide to oil and water based gilding, procedures used and materials required. Helpful for beginners it covers in-depth oil and water gilding, materials, surface preparation, gesso, and special techniques. Effectively illustrated with concise drawings.

See Practical Gilding

Artists' Pigments

Artists' Pigments

Harley's book is a detailed and comprehensive examination of the primary documentary sources between the late 16th century and early 19th centuries, providing an invaluable complement to the work of scientists concerned with the identification of pigments.

See Artists' Pigments


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Multimedia CD-ROMs for Iconophiles and Artists

Yaroslavl Wall Painting CD-ROM

Icons and Wall Paintings on Multimedia CD-ROM

Anthology of icons and wall painting from the churches of Yaroslavl, Russia on multimedia CD-ROMs, like Yaroslavl Wall Painting, featuring hundreds of images of wall paintings -- many never before published in any format and not available outside Russia until now.

See Yaroslavl Icon Painting

Collecting and Using Mineral Pigments CD-ROM

Using Mineral Pigments on CD-ROM

Over 20 mineral pigments are described in this multimedia CD: Chemical composition, geology and artistic properties. Includes how-to instructions on collecting minerals, grinding pigments, preparing medium and making egg tempera and watercolors.

See Mineral Pigments


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What's New

Natural Mineral Pigments
Natural Mineral
Artist's Pigments

Wide assortment of colors for icon painters and other artists working in most mediums.

Russian Icon Designs
Russian Icon Designs

500 drawings of canonical icons collected from ancient Russian manuscripts.

Multimedia CD-ROM: Collecting and Using Mineral Pigments
CD-ROM: Collecting and Using Mineral Pigments

NEW! Multimedia CD-ROM explains how to collect and use mineral pigments for painting.

Mullers, mortars and pestles and grinding kits
Artist's Supplies

Tools and supplies for artists who want to make their own paints.

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